Interior Design Project: Lakeshore Condo

A quaint contemporary interior featuring a lovely mix of soft earth tones and rich cool ones. Dark blue prints contrast with the pastel beige and cream color palette. Striking woods and metallic accents are also found throughout the home, as these add a strong contrast to the overall soothing design. We wanted the design style to seamlessly flow from room to room, as the small kitchen and lounge area attaches to the dining and living area. We used a show-stopping area rug in the kitchen, but kept the rest of the furnishings simple and beige. The round elements, such as the glass coffee table, bar stools, pendant lighting, and clock all soften the tailored lines of the sofa and modern style of the kitchen. The living room/dining room present a sophisticated and elegant style, with subtle patterns and low key accents of blue. We wanted this area to feel naturally warm and inviting and thus integrated softer colors, rich woods, large house plants, and nature-inspired prints and patterns.