Moroccan Inspired Interior Design

Morocco’s diverse geography, along with its blend of many cultures, has created a striking style that is emulated all over the world. Moroccan style offers a thrilling blend of luxury, adventure and wonder, with interiors that honor the natural outdoors. Transform your home into a glamorous oasis using Moroccan elements such as terracotta tiles, natural stone, and exotic plants.

Moroccan Colors

Adorn your Moroccan style home with rich and lively colours for a warm and inviting feel. Pair vibrant oranges and reds reflective of the Moroccan sun with the royal blues, jade greens, and sparkling turquoises inspired by the sea. Accent these bold colours with golden yellow, silver, and ochre detailing, inspired by the moonlit desert and mountains.This electrifying blend of colors will surely evoke a sensual Moroccan mood.

Moroccan Texture

Blending a multitude of textures and patterns is essential in creating an authentic Moroccan atmosphere.Combine rich wood textures with smooth and natural stone against terracotta or ochre coloured walls. Mix light and vibrant fabrics with thick Persian styled curtains for drapery. Decorate your furniture with patterned throws and pillows. Set out Persian styled carpets and area rugs for a warm and exotic touch.

Moroccan Materials

Moroccan-style decor uses natural and raw materials inspired by its geography. Furniture is often hand-carved from wood. Upholstered pieces use natural fibres, such as silk and wicker. Accessories and decorative accents include handcrafted leather items, perforated metal lanterns, blown glass vases, mosaic tiles, and woven textiles. Wrought iron can be used for banisters and gates.

Moroccan Accents

Achieving the Moroccan style lies all in the details. Large silk pillows and jewel-toned throws are the perfect accents for a sofa. Add a colorful mosaic table as a centre piece, to brighten any room. Metallic ribbon can be hung from walls or tossed on floors and furniture. Last but not least, spice up your home with exotic Moroccan inspired scents for potpourri.

Whether you are looking to transform your home into the streets of Morocco, or wish to add a touch of Moroccan flair, you will surely enjoy the exotic ambience that this style evokes.


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