Styling Windows

Windows play a complimenting factor in any room. In addition to letting in light and providing a beautiful view of your surroundings, framing your windows with the right curtains can add to a room’s style. However, decorating the interior of your home can often times be quite difficult, so Nicola Interiors has composed a how- to guide to help you give your windows the right treatment.


Before considering the stylistic element of curtains, you must first think about its functions, which will be helpful in limiting your curtain choices. Opt for lined curtains if you want a private and dark atmosphere for your space. Among other advantages, lining can shield curtains from sun damage, making curtains last longer. Since the lining adds weight, it will allow the curtain to fall more luxurious and stand against incoming drafts. However, if you prefer a lit room, decorative and unlined curtains are ideal.


Curtain textures are dependent on the mood you wish to create in the room. Heavy silks and velvets- which are great insulators, but are dry-clean only- are typically suitable for formal spaces. More practical options, that are often washable, include silky rayon and cotton sateen. For a more casual feel, lighter fabrics such as billowy linen and crinkly crushed velvet is ideal. Cotton blends and wool blends create a neat and professional atmosphere, and often work well with any type of decor.


When choosing the colour of your curtains, you must decide whether you want the curtains to blend with the decor or to make a statement. If you wish to follow the colour scheme of your space, pick a hue that is a few shades darker than the tone of the wall, or play up a subtle and non-dominant colour in the room. In contrast, a bold coloured curtain can be used as a statement piece. Keep in mind that as the sun shines through unlined curtains, the colour will fuse into the room, also affecting the mood of the space.

Prints and Patterns

The Rule of Thumb:

Solid curtains bring emphasis to patterned furniture and decor; whereas patterned curtains compliment solid-colored furniture or bedding.

For subtle style, opt for smaller, neutral prints such as dots or paisley, as they will translate to texture from afar. However, if you are feeling rather daring, a large graphic print that suits the colour scheme of the decor will light up a room.

Curtain Length

Unless there is a radiator or a deep sill in the way, floor length curtains are your best bet. Curtains that graze the floor are a classic, while curtains that are too short may appear off. Many formal rooms allow the curtain to pool six or so inches on the floor for a romantic feel, however, this is relatively high maintenance.

Just Hitting the Floor or Sill

For a classic and tailored look, the curtain should fall right at the floor lining or hover half an inch above the ground. This style is apt for living rooms, bedrooms and lobbies where they are continually opened and closed.

Breaking Slightly at the Floor

For a more relaxed, yet tailored look, allow the curtain panels to extend to the floor by one to three inches at most. If you have uneven flooring that would otherwise offset precision measurements, this style is definitely more forgiving.
Following these decorating tips will surely compliment any room and provide a better view through your windows, especially of Mississauga !

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