Arranging Wall Art: Let The Walls Speak For You

Artwork is a great way to add flare to any room, however just like decorating, it can be quite stressful. With these tips from Nicola Interiors, based in Mississauga, you can turn those plain walls into beautiful works of art for stunning interior decor.

Plan Arrangement

To spare you the frustration of hanging and rehanging (and of course, ruining your walls), plan your arrangement before hand. Trace each art piece onto kraft paper and map out your display accordingly.

Hang At Eye Level

Typically, the rule of thumb for hanging wall art is to have the halfway point of the piece at eye level. In rooms with standard 8-foot high ceilings, artwork should be hung so that the middle of the picture is approximately 5’ off the floor. Artwork can be hung slightly higher for rooms with taller ceilings. When hanging artwork in rooms where people tend to sit, a good height is approximately one hand width above the sofa or 10” to 12” above a tabletop or counter.

Balance and Symmetry is Key

A symmetrical arrangement creates a striking and simple focal point. When hanging multiple pieces in a group arrangement, keep heavy pieces to the bottom left or centre and work around it, to form a relatively square or rectangular shape. This geometric symmetry will be eye catching and create balance.

Arranging Art in the Bedroom

Personal art, such as family photos or your own photography is much more suitable for the bedroom. It is recommended that you keep wall art more subtle by sticking to one colour scheme between pieces, either all black-and-white or all colour photographs.

Decorate the Kitchen with Wall Art

Ensure that wall art is hung in places where it won’t get damaged by heat and water. Consider placing art near a dining table or above an open counter space. To add some flare to your kitchen, avoid typical pictures of fruits and vegetables. Instead, opt for vintage art for a traditional kitchen, and bright colours with stainless steel frames for a modern kitchen.

Hang in Style

It is essential that your wall art arrangement matches your decorating style. Symmetrical arrangements of vintage-esque art is more fitting for a traditional and formal home, whereas, asymmetrical and abstract pieces are suited for modern rooms. For extra glamour, consider coordinating frame styles with your home decor.

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