November 2013

Feng Shui Made Simple

Improve your environment and improve your life! That is the simplified idea of what Feng Shui can do for you. We know that we feel better and operate more effectively in the right atmosphere. Becoming aware of the basics of Feng Shui will help you correct areas in your home that aren’t working for you, and allow you to create the right environment for you and your family.

Feng Shui incorporates five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each element invokes a different mood or attribute. When you incorporate all five elements into every room design – enhancing specific elements according to your unique objectives, you can create a customized space that is beneficial for your family’s personal needs and goals.

  • Wood represents the rising sun. It has an active energy, and it evokes the power of creativity and expansion. You can use wooden objects to promote motivation, inspiration, and passion. To add more wood energy to a room, use vertical shapes.
  • Fire is seen as the most powerful of all the elements. Fire represents energy and passion. To increase the fire element in your space, add candles, animal prints, and shades of red, pink, and purple.
  • Earth / Soil resembles the secure energy of the setting sun. It generates an overall feeling of balance and stability. If you feel disorganized or unfocused, your space could use some earth elements. Look for anything in earth tones, and use images of calm landscapes.
  • Metal affects mental clarity and logic. The right amount of metal in a room can help you feel organized and focused. To enhance a space with the metal element, choose round or oval shapes; use white, gray, or silver colors; and use metal materials, like steel, iron, or aluminum.
  • Water influences spirituality and emotions. A balance of water brings about inspiration, wisdom, and insightfulness. For water energy, add deep colors, reflective surfaces, and wavy shapes. Water features, such as aquariums and fountains, also work well.

With the understanding of the basic characteristics of the Feng Shui elements, you can begin to design your home in a balanced, comfortable way. Play around a little, adjusting your rooms until you create the perfect atmosphere for you.

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