June 2013

Should I Hire a Designer… or Not?

How do you know if hiring a designer is your best option? One of the first things you will want to do when planning a new design project is determine your priorities.

Number the items below (1 – 9) in order of your priority:

___ Function

___ Service

___ Installation

___ Design

___ Quality

___ Warrantee

___ Color

___ Cost

___ Convenience

There are no right or wrong answers, but this will help determine the procedure you should follow.

If COST is your number one concern, purchasing stock items from a mega-store may work for you. Another option is ordering customized furniture and window coverings from a catalog or superstore. You will measure and install yourself, and save some money.

If any of the other items are of top interest to you, using a design consultant or interior designer will give you the best value. A professional can help you make decisions and work within your budget.

Benefits of using a professional designer:

  • Designers can save you time by searching and narrowing the choices for you.
  • Home fashion professionals have access to a wider variety of furniture, fabrics, trims, hardware, and accessories than most homeowners.
  • Your consultant takes responsibility for measurements and labor, so that if there are any mistakes or flaws, you don’t have to fix them yourself.
  • Experienced designers can tell you if a certain choice will cause future problems, thus eliminating potential headaches.
  • Installation is taken care of by a skilled installer.
  • Talented designers will come up with ideas that you’ve never even dreamed of!

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