January 2013

How to Find Design Inspiration

Are you starting a new design project, or looking to redesign a room in your home? Many homeowners feel overwhelmed and stressed when starting to decorate. “Where do I start? What should I do first?” Often, a homeowner will jump right into furniture shopping or choosing paint colors, but if this is your first step, then you may not end up with the harmonious design that you are hoping for.

In order to create the best outcome, you need to start with an inspiration from which everything else will follow. Your inspiration will be the model for everything you do.

What is a design inspiration? It is anything that gives you the feeling that you want in the room you are decorating. Your inspiration could be literal (a photo or display of a room that you want to model), or it could just be something that inspires you to create you own look.

When searching for design inspiration, here are a few ideas of where to look:

  • Magazines:

Magazines are great sources of inspiration for designing a home. But don’t limit yourself to design publications. Look through fashion magazines, children’s publications and product catalogs for insight and ideas.

  • Hotels:
    Hotels use the finest designers and architects, so why not use their expertise and creativity? Look at the colors, furniture, and overall style to inspire your next project. If you don’t want to travel around the world to check out hotels, you can simply go to the bookstore. There are many books and guides with photos to inspire you.
  • Accessory Stores:
    One beautiful accessory can speak to you in a big way. You can build an entire room around one piece. Think about what you love about that ornament. Is it the colours? The shape? The overall mood? Use those elements in your room to create the same feeling.

Now that you are inspired, go decorate!

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