April 2013

Hard or Soft Windows?

Window Treatments are classified as hard treatments or soft treatments.

What is a hard treatment?

Hard treatments are factory-made window treatments: blinds, shades, and shutters. Hard treatments are not always hard (roller shades or fabric-slat verticals, for example).

New styles of hard treatments are coming out all the time. Some of these window coverings are used simply for privacy. Many are installed to control sunlight. Often, homeowners choose a treatment because of aesthetics.

Most of the time, however, we choose a window covering for a combination of reasons – functional and aesthetic.

Hard treatments are available as stock items found in home-improvement stores, or custom made to order. Stock merchandise comes in standard sizes. Custom-made treatments can be made in any size. Colours and options are limitless with custom-made hard treatments.

What is a soft treatment?

Any window covering sewn from fabric is considered a soft treatment. Soft treatments are generally used as decoration on top of hard treatments, but can also be used alone.

Soft treatments can be custom-manufactured to fit any window. Your decorated window will be completely unique – one of a kind. Any fabric and trim can be selected, and practically any style can be created. Professional installation using custom hardware also adds to your distinctive look.

Common soft treatments include:

  • Swags and cascades
  • Shaped valances
  • Drapery panels
  • Balloon valances
  • Scarf Treatments

The uniqueness of your soft treatment depends on your fabric selection, style, size, and all your chosen details, including trims, tassels, and hardware.

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