December 2012

Wanna Grow Taller?

3 Tricks for Making Your Ceiling Seem Higher

Rooms with low ceilings can feel cramped. But you can create the illusion of higher ceilings – and achieve a more spacious atmosphere – with these three tricks:

  • Use taller baseboard molding
    Larger molding on the floor makes the walls look higher. Standard baseboards are about 4 – 7 inches in height, but you can find these moldings up to a foot high. There are many materials and styles from which to choose.
  • Paint the ceiling to match the walls
    Most homeowners assume that the ceiling should stay white to make the room seem larger. However, if the walls have color and the ceiling does not, there is a strong visual break where they meet. This accentuates the low ceiling. If you paint your ceiling to match the walls, it fools the eye, and the ceiling will appear higher.
  • Use vertical lines
    To create a taller appearance in a room, use vertical lines – and avoid horizontal lines – wherever you can.       Choose window treatments that draw the eye upward, like fabric panels installed from the ceiling to the floor, long cascades, or vertical blinds. Look for furniture that has vertical lines. You can paint a tone-on-tone striped pattern on the wall for an elegant look that adds height.

Enjoy your newly found space!

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